Pennacchio at Drinking Liberally

I was fortunate enough to hear Chuck Pennacchio, who’s running against Santorum, speak last night at Drinking Liberally at the Church Brew Works.

I supported his candidacy already, being that Bob Casey Jr. is anti-choice, and I also think it’s disgusting that the Democratic leadership (and even MoveOn!) have anointed Casey even before the primary just because they think he can win. Didn’t we make that same mistake with John Kerry? And, more to the point, with Ron Klink?:

Ron Klink’s experience is Bob Casey’s bad dream.

Klink, a onetime TV news anchorman in Pittsburgh and a longtime congressman, lost the 2000 U.S. Senate race against Republican incumbent Rick Santorum after a campaign that failed for various reasons to gain traction. …

In the general election campaign, Klink said, national party leaders’ promises of financial and field support failed to materialize. …

Klink said he was proud to be a “Casey Democrat” — a reference to Casey’s father, the late governor, whose strong views made him a national hero to the anti-abortion movement. He bitterly recalled being portrayed as “Santorum Light” during the 2000 primary because of his abortion stance and blamed his defeat partly on Democrats who refused to vote for him for that reason.

Pennacchio noted that a Quinnipiac University poll found that only 17 percent of people in the state knew that Casey was anti-choice (nine percent actually thought he was pro-choice; the rest said they weren’t sure). Meanwhile, 64 percent — more than two-thirds — of PA voters support Roe v. Wade.

Before hearing Pennacchio speak, I was concerned that he hasn’t been doing enough to get his name out. However, he did say that he’s working on reaching out to groups like NARAL and the Pro-Choice Republicans–which is good.

I plan to support Pennacchio any way I can, and there are a lot of pro-choice voters in the state who would feel the same way if they knew about him. Getting the word out is key.

More on Pennacchio’s DL appearance at Froth Slosh B’Gosh (and I’m not just including the link because I’m in one of the pictures).


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