Why Pennacchio is the only option for women (from a man)

From Rob Kall at OpEdNews, via Pennacchio’s blog:

If anti-women’s rights candidate Bob Casey Jr. wins the primary, then he’ll be running against Rick Santorum. Now, Casey will deny he’s against women’s rights. So will his supporters like PA governor Ed Rendell, Hillary Clinton and senate minority leader Harry Reid. They’ll try to split hairs and say that Casey’s opposition to abortion rights—the right of a women to control her own body—is not opposition to women’s rights.

I disagree. Women fought long and hard for the right to make their own decisions about their bodies, and this fight happened while they were fighting for a whole lot of other equal rights to vote, work, own property, and to participate fully in all aspects of society. …

If Bob Casey Jr. wins in his battle with Rick Santorum, his win will set back the progress that women’s rights advocates have achieved by decades. The DLC will consolidate its influence over the DNC and they will, probably successfully, argue that the way to beat Republicans is to oppose abortion.

Don’t be misled by this. It is not about abortion. It is about taking away women’s rights, about taking away women’s power and all the other rights they have achieved. Once a woman’s right to control her body when she is pregnant is taken away, the next step will be to take away the right to use contraception—both pills and mechanical approaches. …

There’s another solution. Chuck Pennacchio, http://www.chuck2006.com , a pro women’s rights, pro choice Democrat, has been a declared candidate for longer than any of the others. He has a successful track record helping other underdog US senate candidates win their races. He is decidedly independent, rejecting PAC money and rejecting the influence of the centrists. He’s the solution to this problem. When people see Casey speak, they try to stay awake. When they see Pennacchio speak, they are often moved to tears, because he talks their language and understands their issues, and they move from thinking that Casey is the only choice to seeing that Pennacchio is the best choice—for the state and for the best chance to win. Personally, I feel that Pennacchio could be the Democrat’s next Paul Wellstone– a leader with courage, conscience and an enormous amount of savvy and experience with how the senate works.

Women across the US, not just Pennsylvania, women throughout the world need to recognize that if the dominos fall and the democratic party writes off women’s rights, it will affect women in every nation. It’s a long slope to slide backward towards, but a Casey win in the spring primary is a sure disaster for women the world over. It’s just a matter of time.

Amen to that.


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