Zogby to include Pennacchio in poll

Big news from Dave to the “Pennachio for Pennsylvania” Yahoo group

I was just notified by Liz from Chuck’s campaign that Zogby has agreed
to include Chuck Pennacchio in their next poll on the 2006 Senate
race. This is great news! Chuck has never been included in a real
poll before! Not only should this poll generate some well-deserved
media attention for Chuck, it will save the campaign over $20,000 that
it would take to fund a poll in PA. If Chuck can show a lead over
Santorum (and I’m sure he can, considering Santorum’s low approval
rating) then other polls should start including him as well.

After all, Casey’s lead over Santorum probably tells a lot more about
Santorum than it does Casey. How many people are actually excited
about the prospect of a Senator Casey?! Even many of his supporters
admit he’s dull and has no message; They’re just obsessed with poll
numbers and campaign dollars. Well, things are about to change!

For more on Pennacchio’s Senate campaign: http://www.chuck2006.com


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