Josh Hartnett as Bob O’Connor? Somehow, it works

This cracks me up. Maria of 2 Political Junkies used the celebrity lookalike software on to cast the film of the Thursday Morning Massacre in the mayor’s office. I especially like Zach Braff as Bill Peduto and Missy Elliott as Tonya Payne.

Update: A thoughtful analysis of the purge from the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat.

Thursday Morning Massacre: The Movie


Josh Hartnett as
Mayor Bob O’Connor

Meatloaf as
Dennis Regan

John Cage as
George Specter

Harold Ramis as
Scott Kunka

Julia Roberts as
B.J. Leber

Patricia Arquette
as Susan Malie

Albert Finney as
Paul Leger


Jean-Paul Belmondo
as Jim Ferlo

Dick Skrinjar as

Colin Farrell as
Yarone Zober

Sharon Stone as
Marlene Cassidy

Adam Carolla as
Father Terry O’Connor

David Letterman
as John Delano

Tom Hanks as
Doug Shields

David Hasselhoff
as Jim Motznik

Dean Cain as
Luke Ravenstahl


Zach Braff as
Bill Peduto

Missy Elliott as
Tonya Payne

Beyonce Knowles
as Twanda Carlisle

Jim Carrey as
Len Bodak

Gael Garcia Bernal
as Dan Deasy

Brad Pitt as
Jeff Koch

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