Casey: Too pure for Savage money

Melissa Meinzer reports in this week’s Pittsburgh City Paper that Bob Casey has turned down a donation from Savage Love‘s Dan Savage.

Larry Smar, spokesperson for the Casey campaign, says that controversial and vulgar content in the column and on Savage’s anti-Santorum Web site,, led to the decision to return the contribution.

Casey’s $10 million behind Santorum in fundraising. He’ll take money from more than 200 of the same corporate PACs as Santorum does, but not from Dan Savage? The man continues to amaze.

Savage’s response was to send the money to Philadelphians Against Santorum. He says, “I’m going to have to swallow hard and support Bob Casey whether he wants me to or not.” Then he ends with this gem:

But if I wanna keep sending money to mainstream politicians it looks like I’m going to have to form a political action committee (PAC) to fudge the source of the funds. Bob Casey may not take check from me, but maybe he’ll take one from my Fudge PAC.


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