No, Superman is not the mayor of Pittsburgh

Apparently, if you search Google Images for Luke Ravenstahl, this blog is the number one result.

Not that there are any actual pictures of Luke on this blog. Au contraire. There is, however, a photo of Dean Cain as Luke, courtesy of 2 Political Junkies, which I linked to back in August.

So, I thought I’d include the real Luke Ravenstahl, so as not to be spreading misinformation n’at. Heeeere’s Lukey, ready for action:

Come to think of it, he does look an awful lot like Superman in this pose.

And, so as not to be tagged as politically motivated, here is his likely rival for the mayor’s office in the next election — City Councilman Bill Peduto:

(By the way, Peduto’s celebrity lookalike was Zach Braff.)


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