Interracial Marriages in Decline

This surprised me:

Inter-racial and inter-ethnic marriages are declining at unprecedented rates, according to a new study by Zhenchao Qian, a professor of sociology at Ohio State University, reports the Chinese-language World Journal. Qian conducted the study with Daniel Lichter, a professor at Cornell University and published the study in the February 2007 issue of the American Sociological Review.

Zhen said that immigration is an important factor in the decline of inter-racial marriages as native born Asian Americans and Hispanics marry their foreign-born counterparts. Among Asian immigrant men, inter-racial marriage declined from 26 percent in 1990 to 21 percent in 2000; among Asian immigrant women the percentage went from 41 percent in 1990 to 33 percent in 2000. The study showed that the percentage of interracial marriage in native-born Asian men have also declined from 50.2 percent in 1990 to 45.8 percent in 2000.

The only increase in inter-racial marriage was between American-born Asian women and non-Asian men, which increased from 58 percent to 60 percent. The study also showed that although inter-racial marriages of African Americans increased significantly in the 1990s, it is still fewer than other racial groups. The study suggests that people with higher education levels are more likely to marry outside of their race.


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