Some days, her only goal was to take a shower.

I have an article on postpartum depression in the Winter 2007 issue of UPMC Health Journal. It’s not available online, but you can read a scanned version here.


As the door closed behind Janice’s mother, who was heading home after helping to take care of Janice’s first baby, Ethan, Janice had only one thought: What do I do now? The walls of the Staten Island apartment where she lived with her husband, Tom, seemed to close in. Although Tom did as much as he could, his job as a national park ranger meant he was often gone. Ethan had colic, and cried for what seemed like an eternity.

Janice felt all alone. She didn’t know her neighbors very well. Tom was the extroverted one; she thought of herself as a shrinking violet. When she married him, she didn’t know she’d be moving across the country and back again for his job–three times in less than a decade. … The small-town Ohio girl was intimated by New York, which she found too urban, too expensive, too gray. …


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