Not violent. Not violent at all…

I’m having some anger management issues of my own after reading this PG story on yesterday’s hearing on the promotion of Pittsburgh police officers with histories of domestic violence.

Police officials have said that Sgt. Hlavac’s domestic problems have been verbal, not violent.

A police report on a Jan. 3 incident states that Sgt. Raymond Hutton was called to the East Liberty apartment shared by Sgt. Hlavac and Lauren Maughan at 1:40 a.m.

Ms. Maughan told Sgt. Hutton that Sgt. Hlavac pulled her hair, hauled her from a bed and grabbed her wrist, according to the report.

Sgt. Hlavac told Sgt. Hutton that he grabbed her wrist in self-defense when she hit him while holding a cell phone, and did not grab her hair, just her pillow.

She was uninjured, but her left wrist and the back of her neck were red.

Obviously if someone grabs your pillow, your neck is going to be red. I mean, duh.

Sue of the Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society performed a true service to the citizens of Pittsburgh, liveblogging the hearing.


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