Pittsburgh workers face racial intimidation, death threats

Disturbing local news from Rustbelt Radio, based at WRCT 88.3 FM:


Last week rustbelt radio reported on the racist threat made against a Port Authority worker in the form of a black Barbie doll with a racist comment written on it.

Since then two more incidents of racial intimidation have occurred at Pittsburgh businesses. On October 3rd a black female supervisor at Verizon found an inter-office envelope on her desk. Inside it had a black baby doll with a noose around its neck. The doll also had the words “nigger” and the woman’s name written on the belly.

NAACP Pittsburgh Branch President M. Gayle Moss issued a statement on the three incidents, saying, “Although these three incidents seem isolated in their respective work environments, what they collectively represent is endemic to the culture in this region and this city recently voted the ‘Most Livable City in America’—which in my opinion was both fallacious and shortsighted.”

KDKA’s story is here.


One thought on “Pittsburgh workers face racial intimidation, death threats”

  1. Oh man, I knew about the Port Authority incident, but not about the other two. Yeah, it is said that it doesn’t really surprise me deep down. Saddens me that after all these years we’re still dealing with the same old BS and cowardice, since as we see, none of the perpetrators have the stones to openly expose there bigoted and idiotic selves.


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