URGENT: Fight hate in Pennsylvania

Castro, SF
Originally uploaded by Karen Hoffmann

Via Keystone Progress:

The PA State Senate’s Judiciary Committee is voting on Tuesday to take away your rights! Anti-LGBT legislators plan to vote to put a ban on same sex marriage in the PA Constitution. If they succeed, it could take a generation before we LGBT people can have a chance to marry in Pennsylvania.

We can’t let this happen! Click here to send an email to all members of the Judiciary Committee NOW!

Anti-LGBT Senator John Eichelberger, who last year made headlines for saying that he is “allowing them (LGBT couples) to exist,” is the leader of this effort to put discrimination into the PA Constitution. If he wins, it will send a message throughout PA and across the nation that bigotry is acceptable and legal.

Take action now! Email the Judiciary Committee this simple message: “Vote NO on SB 707. Don’t put bigotry in the PA Constitution.”

Then send this to everyone you know RIGHT NOW! We need thousands of emails TODAY to stop this bill.

For Equality,

Michael Morrill
for the Keystone Progress Team


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