…And Justice for Some

When police and kidnappers are sometimes one and the same, families of victims are forced to take justice into their own hands

Isabel Miranda de Wallace looks at Jacobo Tagle Dobin, the man who killed her son. (Notimex)

“Yes I did, ma’am.”

The chilling words spoken by Jacobo Tagle Dobin in answer to Isabel Miranda de Wallace’s question “Did you kill my son?” brought to an end – almost – the investigation the mother of Hugo Alberto Wallace had been conducting for six years since Hugo’s disappearance.

Almost singlehandedly, she brought to justice 11 members of the gang that kidnapped Hugo, including Tagle.

Less than two weeks later, Marisela Escobedo Ortíz, another mother who had been searching for justice for her slain daughter without government help, was shot dead in front of the state capitol in Chihuahua.

Isabel Miranda de Wallace and Marisela Escobedo sought the same thing: justice for a crime against their children. This is the story of the two mothers’ quests for justice in a country where crimes are often not investigated, and their radically different outcomes.

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