Ronaldinho’s team gets warm Bahian welcome

(Can you spot THE soccer player?)

Hundreds of Salvadorans turned out to welcome Flamengo, football team of thefamous Ronaldinho, to their city.

At about 5:30 this afternoon, the team were greeted with cheers and nonstop singing and drumming from red-and-black fans in the lobby of Salvador International Airport.

About 40 Military Police and the security team of the club had some trouble keeping the crowd in line. But there was no malice — the crowd hugged, took photos like mad, and requested autographs from the players.

Ronaldinho was the first to embark. In dark shades and a hat, he smiled and waved to the fans.

As the bus left for the team’s hotel, the melee didn’t let up for a moment. Fans continued to sing and jump up and down until the bus was well out of sight.

Flamengo will play Bahia on Sunday at Brasilerao stadium. (More >)


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