Interview with my dad! aka Yellow submarine canvassing sunken piece of state history

[They didn’t spell our name right, but them’s the breaks.]

There’s a yellow submarine in the water off Fort Worden in Jefferson County.

It’s an Everett-based sub that’s mapping and filming a bit of Washington state history: the sinking of the SS Governor in 1921.

As it heads toward a dock at Fort Worden, it looks like some sort of weird jet ski. But what you are looking at is the Blue View, a yellow submarine.

It’s the creation of Pete Hoffman. He built it out of pieces of a North Sea oil inspection sub.

“The opportunity to buy the complete sub presented itself and through a series of mishaps, I ended up with it. I had no money but a 32,000-pound sub in the garage,” Hoffman said.

The sub once was a dinghy mounted at the stern of a Russian super-yacht. But Hoffman says now it’s doing what it should be doing, working with Everett-based Ocean Gate.

(Video at KOMO News)


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