Belo Monte stopped; Al Jazeera on Amazon murders; + São Paulo stories

  • Very good news, even if only temporary: Brazil judge halts work on Belo Monte Amazon dam

Protesters in Sao Paulo on 20 August 2011 Indigenous tribes have been protesting against the project for years

A judge in Brazil has ordered a halt to construction of a multi-billion-dollar dam project in the Amazon region.

Judge Carlos Castro Martins barred any work that would interfere with the natural flow of the Xingu river.

He ruled in favour of a fisheries group which argued that the Belo Monte dam would affect local fish stocks and could harm indigenous families who make a living from fishing.

The government says the dam is crucial to meeting growing energy needs.

Judge Martins barred the Norte Energia company behind the project from “building a port, using explosives, installing dikes, building canals and any other infrastructure work that would interfere with the natural flow of the Xingu river, thereby affecting local fish stocks”.

More at BBC.

  • Bad news, very well reported (full documentary debuts tomorrow — Thursday — at 8pm):

More at The Guardian.

  • And another very interesting video — about the immigrant experience in São Paulo — that I first saw today. I like this method of telling stories:

Somos São Paulo [We Are São Paulo]. 6 bilhões de Outros from GoodPlanet on Vimeo.


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