WikiLeaks: US was aware of Paraguay coup plot in 2009

Fernando Lugo se despide de la representante de los Estados Unidos, Hillary Clinton, al termino de reunion vilateral  en el marco de la  asunción del nuevo presidente uruguayo
Fernando Lugo says goodbye to the representative of the United States, Hillary Clinton, at the conclusion of a bilateral meeting at the inauguration of the new Uruguayan president. (Fernando Lugo Méndez, March 29, 2010)

Is it a coup? Is it not a coup? The Obama administration said yesterday they still aren’t sure. But leaked cables show the U.S. government has been predicting a coup in Paraguay for at least three years.

From a WikiLeaks cable dated March 28, 2009:

5. (C) Duarte's and Oviedo's shared goal: Find a "cause
celebre" to champion so as to change the current political
equation, break the political deadlock in Congress, impeach
Lugo and regain their own political relevance. Oviedo's
dream scenario involves legally impeaching Lugo, even if on
spurious grounds.

The cable goes on to say:

The presidential baton would thus, in this scenario, pass to
Vice President Federico Franco, who would be
constituitionally [sic] required to call vice-presidential
elections within 90 days. Given the institutional collapse
and political fratricide reigning now within the Colorado
Party, Oviedo would be the obvious leading candidate.
Meanwhile, Duarte, having regained his Senate seat via
Supreme Court maneuvering, would assume the Senate presidency
and become number three in the line of presidential
succession. The Liberal Franco would be President, but
Oviedo and Duarte would control Congress -- and the courts.
Farfetched? Perhaps. But not entirely unprecedented in Paraguayan politics.

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