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McCain on Shutter Island

(From El Pais, translated from Spanish by me)

The two Republican politicians who lost the last U.S. election to Obama have had very different luck. The vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, seems to be on an unstoppable rise, pushed by the furious conservatives of the Tea Party. Her supporters cheer her as the next candidate for the White House. The 2008 Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, on the other hand, has been slipping, and most critics accuse him of losing his integrity.

A few days ago, McCain told Newsweek magazine, “I never considered myself a maverick.” It was a signal confirming the strange internal mutation that has occurred in the 73-year-old veteran Republican senator who has spent his entire career defending his radical independence as his defining characteristic. That attitude made him a rebel, almost a dissident in the Republican ranks. The old war hero, honest and incorruptible, did not hesitate to deviate from the party slogans if they conflicted with his principles and ideas. More >


Disaster Capitalism in Latin America

(Written by Manuel E. Yepe, translated from Spanish by me)

The two great disasters that nature had in store recently for Haiti and Chile, the no-less-sinister coup just a short time before in Honduras, together with the reaction of the superpower to these shocking situations, have raised justified fears that Latin America is fully involved in the application of the principles of the doctrine of disaster capitalism that writer, political scientist, and journalist Naomi Klein has denounced with so much international recognition.

According to this outstanding Canadian figure, capitalism has triumphed in the world not because people have willingly accepted the virtues of the market, but rather because the ground rules of that system have been imposed in the form of liberal market policies, especially in times of disasters prompted by or used as a pretext for them.  More >